This week’s video:

We are celebrating FIVE YEARS in downtown Greenville and planning for the next five while making a difference today!


I am a transformer because I seek to evolve as a means of accepting others and accepting myself! People matter, love among us and within ourselves heals pain, creates positive relationships, and deposits hope in everyone’s ENCOURAGEMENT bank! Dare to be a good kind of different!  -Tailika
Jesus and the woman at the well. Old story, new way of looking at it. Jesus broke down barriers, dug deep, and healed wounds. He made the unrealistic, realistic and the unwanted, wanted. If he crossed barriers then to allow people to see the light, why do we put up barriers now and try to keep the light contained? Transformation House, where ALL people matter.  -Tammie
So church is something i def needed… Feel so relaxed and free… Had me a great one-on-one with Him and gave everything to Him and will wait on His blessings or wait and see what His plans r for me.. def waiting for signs!!!  -Gaby
Our scars should not be a reminder of how hard our lives have been. Instead let them be a reminder of of everything we have OVERCOME!!!  -Tabatha

Today was such a beautiful day at Transformation House!!! I have loved and still love every one who has walked through those gates in the past 4yrs. I love our Transformers!! I love my Pastor for living and leading the vision. It saved me…you led me to Jesus! I will forever be grateful to call this House my church!! So excited to see what 2015 has for us and how many lives will be impacted through us by continuing to point to Jesus! #PeopleMatter #ilovemychurch  -Amber