2017 Series


bettertogether2017Week One – Two are Better than One






2016 Series



spiritofchristmasWeek One – Love

Week Two – Generosity

Week Three – Believing

Week Four – Living






November 2016


Week One      Week Two      Week Three      Week Four






September and October 2016

MeetingJesusJesus and the Outcasts                  Jesus and the Hurting

Jesus and the Pharisees                Jesus and Moses & Elijah

Jesus and the Masses                    Jesus and His Family

Jesus and the Children                  Jesus and His Father

Jesus and His Followers



August 2016

FacingYourFearsTitleThe Fear of Storms

The Fear of the Past

The Fear of an Enemy

The Fear of Failure



July 2016


Power of Prayer        Power of Praise

Power of Fellowship

Power of Service

Power of Faith



June 2016

LivingGraceDoorway of Brokenness

Doorway of Hunger

Doorway of Lowliness

Doorway of Worship



April and May 2016

FruitLove             Kindness            Self-Control

Joy                Goodness

Peace            Faithfulness

Patience       Gentleness



March 2016

DreamComeToLifeNaomi and Ruth

Moses and Joshua

Elijah and Elisha

Easter Sunday



January and February 2016

Invest2016We’re Gonna Buy A Food Truck        Contagious Investing

The Greatest Investment                 It’s Raining

Anniversary Sunday                         The Gospel of Investing

God’s Investment Plan                    You Be You



2015 Series


Regifting (December 2015)

The Gift was Love                                      The Gift was Family

The Gift was Home                                    The Gift was Salvation



It’s Personal                                      Legacy Created                                        The Cool Kids

Your Gang                                         A Mother’s Love                                       Covenant

Church Flow                                     All In                                                           Valley of Elah

Barnabas Effect                                Barnabas Effect 2                                    Barnabas Effect 3

Ready to Give


May I Serve You? 

Created with Purpose                          Committed to the Process

Changing Our Perspective                  Charismatic Personality                        Choose Participation

Real Church

Real Church

Outside These Four Walls                   This is That                                   All Together Now

What We Have to Offer                       All In                                               Open Doors

Life is Hard for Everybody



Seven Days of Creation                       Perseverance                                             Sometimes Seven Sucks

We Fall Down, We Get Up                 Seven Loaves, Seven Baskets                 Seventy Times Seven

Psalm 32


People Matter

“You” Made My Day – Tony Moore                Everyone Has Value – Amber Anderson     Listen With Your Heart – Tony Moore

Not As a Matter of Fact – Chris Whitman     Attention Disorder – Amber Anderson         Infuse the Heart – Tony Moore

Special Delivery – Chris Whitman                  It Is Finished (Easter) – Tony Moore             Small Matters – Tony Moore

Universal Language – Tony Moore


4th Anniversary

Our City – Tony Moore

2014 Archive

Click the titles below to view the video.

Love Package

Love Throws a Party – Tony Moore

Treasure Hunt

All I Have (Baptism Service) – Chris Whitman          Ruled by Chips & Salsa (Theme Service) – Chris Whitman
Big Spender – Tony Moore          Gratitude (He Made a Way) Tony Moore          Altitude – (I Was Created to Survive) Amber Anderson

Tales from the Sea

Tides – Tony Moore          Seashells – Chris Whitman          Storms – Amber Anderson
Our pastor also sent video messages from his beach retreat. Check them out here.

Beautiful Life

New Life, New Power – Tony Moore

More sermons and videos are available here.