Tony Moore, Lead Pastor

A native of Greenville, Tony has served in ministry for over 30 years. As the son of a Pentecostal pastor, he grew up on the front pew of church and from a young age has been involved in nearly every aspect of ministry.

Tony received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Central Bible College in 1981. While a student there, he met and married Judy (CBC 1979). They have four children and 12 grandchildren and have served in ministry together now for 35 years.

In their early ministry years, Tony served churches in South Carolina, Alabama, Missouri, and Indiana as worship leader with a passion for giving people an opportunity to corporately experience an encounter with God. Throughout those years, Tony was instrumental in bringing churches together for community-wide events. A recurring theme was, The Place of Agreement is the Place of Power. It was later that he felt God calling him into a teaching ministry, and he became a lead pastor in 1995.

Tony’s inspiration for Transformation House came from an extended early morning prayer time. As the pieces began to fall into place, he realized that this was to be a church like none he had ever encountered. He has chosen to follow the call of Jesus into unfamiliar places in order to see people live out their God-given purposes without manmade restraints. Together, he and Judy and their entire family have given themselves by faith to the cause of the Gospel – the good news that God’s love and grace are for everybody.

In Greenville, the spiritual culture is shifting, barriers are being broken, and people are finding freedom, because to God and to our pastor, people matter.

From Tony: Here’s a bit about me. I graduated from Berea High School back in the twentieth century. I’ve been known to spread a mean pbj. I would skip a week’s worth of sleeping and eating just to sit on the beach. I’m easily entertained – it doesn’t take a lot of bells and whistles. I also find it easy to laugh and cry at most movies, or cartoons, or commercials. I can find a song I like in most genres of music, so don’t ask what my favorite is. It might be something by Michael Buble, Michael W. Smith, or Michael Jackson – or Michael English or Michael McDonald. I can quote most of the movie Field of Dreams, but I’ve never watched it all the way through. Greenville, South Carolina is my favorite city in the world, and I’m glad I get to live and minister here. Hanging out downtown is a lot of fun too – especially if food’s involved. Jerusalem is my second favorite city.

I wish I had written the twenty-seventh Psalm.